Embracing the Quiet

I’ve been working from home for a little more than one week now. I am 100% extroverted, so social distancing is rough for me. My daughter, who is introverted, would prefer to talk to her friends on FaceTime all day and night, leaving me to fend for myself when my working hours are done. Much to her chagrin, I’ve instituted the “mom hours.” From 5-9:30, she has to talk to me, gasp, help me make dinner and play games with me.

In typical teen fashion, she protests loudly, but in the end, I think she’ll make it. Plus, she will have a much happier mom if she indulges me just a little. It’s actually really nice to finish dinner and move over to the table (Yep, we’ve resorted to eating in front of a stupid Netflix show – doesn’t matter which one at this point.) and play games quietly as the frogs sound off through the open window and a gentle breeze flutters our cards.

And there’s something else I’ve noticed. I’ve slowed down. I still work hard and am trying my best to be of use to our clients and team. But, I’m taking a lunch every day, something I very rarely do at work. I grab the treat bag, clicker and leash and Jake and I set out for a walk around the lake. Since leash training is not coming naturally to this rambunctious ADHD puppy, our walks are very slow and filled with waiting. And I love them.

I listen to the birds chirping, the frogs croaking, the wind rustling the branches. I feel the warm sun on my face and I take in the quiet of the peaceful lake. I walk slowly and patiently, waiting until Jake decides he’s ready to come back to my side and stop pulling. For about three steps. And then I wait again.

I come back from my walks restored and at peace.

The world around me is literally falling apart. I can get so wrapped up in the daily destruction and lose sight of all that is good in this world. And believe me, I do. But, I can also celebrate the quality time with my soon-to-be-15-year-old. I can celebrate time to actually train my sweet bundle of energy. I can sit back and soak in the newly arrived spring. I can embrace the quiet and celebrate all that life offers. And I’m choosing to embrace this new world order.

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