A Reflection on Life

Today is my 46th birthday. I’m past the middle. I am officially middle-aged. Here’s the thing. I usually don’t feel it. In some ways, I do. I don’t jump down from high places now. I take stairs one at a time. I get winded more easily. My adventuresome ways have mellowed.

In other ways, I feel just as lively and current. Maybe it’s working in marketing. I read about current trends. I work with social media, although I really don’t enjoy Twitter and I don’t have a snapchat account. I feel like I can hang with the millennials. But maybe that’s a farce. I’m guessing most look at me and see a middle-age soccer mom who is round in the middle, has laugh and worry lines and a speckling of gray in her hair.

But then I think about where I am and I settle in with my good book of the week, a cup of tea, my warm fuzzy blanket and soft music. I settle in and rest. I settle in and sigh. I settle in, breath deeply and I am grateful.

I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for my children. I am grateful for our health. I am grateful for my friends, church, God, community, music, art, nature, beauty, the mountains, the ocean, my job, oh my gosh, I am grateful.

I cherish my time with my friends and children. I celebrate all that has been and all that is coming. I am grateful for all that I have been through and I am so grateful to be on this side of things.

I know hard times are not over. It’s like the ocean, ebbing and flowing. For now, I am on the glassy, calm water, bobbing along, enjoying gentle breezes, the call of seagulls and the salty smell in the air. And in this calm, I reflect on my life and know that it is good. God has provided comfort, care, support and love through good times and bad.

And so on this May morning, I am happy and grateful. I love my life. Here’s to 46 more years!

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