My Mini Me

For years, I’ve known it. My girl is very much like me. Strong, independent, opinionated, sensitive and tender hearted. She stands up for herself, voices her thoughts and sometimes says things a bit too directly. Yet she is acutely aware of others and their feelings.

Her writing is breathtaking. I love to read her creative stories and beautiful literary illustrations. She writes for fun, collects quotes and loves to read. Her creativity is amazing. I love to see her beautiful artwork and pieces adorn my walls and frig. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

I also love to hear her tell stories. She is clever and funny. I’m not funny and I love this aspect of her personality. She is truly remarkable. I laugh when I hear her talk about things in her colorful way. It’s so very fun!

She is like me in ways that I didn’t expect, too. Recently, her good friend wanted to run cross country for the school, but there was no team. My girl didn’t want to run, but she did want to make it happen. She talked to teachers, guidance counselors and students. She made announcements, posters and a survey. She gained enough interest to get the sport added and more than 20 children signed up, but not my girl. She just wanted to make it happen for her friend. Instead, she signed up for flag football. On the first day, she realized the football program was filled with rowdy boys and switched to cross country! I’m not sure what she expected, but I laughed nonetheless. She got great delight in planning and making the team happen.

And if there’s a party to be planned, she’s your girl. Pinterest boards, special recipes, decorations in line with the theme: she’s got it all covered and planned. These things excite her and bring her great satisfaction. Since my thesis was on event planning, I can appreciate her draw to this work.

While my son looks exactly like me – seriously – my daughter has my personality. She’s my mini me. For now, she loves that. I only hope I can live up to her expectations and that she will always love to be alike.

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