You Ask Why I Hug You

Recently, my 15-year-old has been asking and saying, “Why do you always hug me?” and “Mom, you don’t have to hug me every time I leave or go to bed.” My response is always, “Yes, I do. I love you.” Or “I’m your mom, I’m supposed to hug you all of the time.” Totally inadequate answers. I decided to write him a letter. Below is the transcript.

My Dear Sweet Boy~

You ask me why I hug you and my answer is so incomplete, so inadequate.

I hug you because each time I hold you in my arms, I think of the tiny baby I felt growing in my tummy. I remember your downy soft hair and the sweet smell of your newborn years. When I hug you, I think of the curious toddler who was an old soul from the beginning. I think of the school-aged boy who skipped through halls and buried his nose in books. When I hug you and feel your gentle scruff on my cheek, I think of all that is to come.

When I hug you, I cherish that moment close to my heart because my days of daily hugs are numbered. I hug you because, dear sweet boy, I love you more than my very breath. When I hug you, I think of your adventures ahead and all of the promise of the day.

When I hug you, it’s my way of filling up your cup, and mine, so that as the day goes on, you know there is endless love for you. I hug you because in a few short years, you will be at college and my days of seeing you, talking to you and hugging you every day are fleeting. I hug you because I want your days to start and end with unconditional love.

You see, hugging you is so much more than a quick embrace. Hugging you is giving you the world and pouring out my love.

I love you to the moon and back, Mimi

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