Angel in Disguise

I had a horrible day Friday. One I will not forget anytime soon. I won’t go into details because it’s not fruitful, but it has haunted me all weekend and I was late to band practice at church today because I was crying in my bathroom and needed to get myself together before I could leave. It’s been a rough weekend.

I went grocery shopping alone and my thoughts got the best of me as I filled the cart, checking for the best prices and making sure I got everything on the list. As I was checking out, an elderly woman approached my cashier and was concerned because she hadn’t gotten her coupon discount. Every penny counts and this one was for $3. She was told to go to customer service. Off she went.

I, too, had to go to customer service because two of the items I needed were out. You’ve got to love rain checks for buy one get one free items. The woman came up as I was standing there. Again, she was denied and turned away. At this point, she was very upset.

I left the store after her and saw her, parked in the handicapped spot, talking to her self, visibly shaking and clearly upset. At first, I walked by, but then I turned my overflowing cart around and asked her if she was OK.

She wasn’t. She couldn’t find her keys. I put my arm around her shoulders, suggested we pause and take a deep breath. She kept saying, “They aren’t here. They’re gone. They’re everything. Everything is gone.”

I spoke softly, hugging her small frame. I told her it would be OK and we’d find them. I suggested she take a breath and look again in her purse. She continued fretting, but took a breath and pulled out her wallet. There, beneath the wallet, were her keys. She started crying. I hugged her and told her it was OK. Her shaking subsided. Her tears stopped. I said, “Sometimes, we just need to pause and take a deep breath. Are you OK, now? Can I help you at all?”

She said, “I’m OK. Thank you. God will help you.”

God will help you. What powerful words that I needed to hear. This sweet, little, old lady helped me as much as I helped her, my angel in disguise.

2 thoughts on “Angel in Disguise

  1. Mary Lou Scott says:

    Really enjoy reading your posts. My sister told me about your writings and that they are very enjoyable. Your photography is beautiful also. It is a small world. My mother was Jane Campbell Atwood (sister of Bob, Ralph and Jack). We spent lots of time as kids at Aunt Rene’s house playing with Bobby, Carol and Billy. Great memories!! Also, I have a son and daughter that live in Charlottesville, (like I said, small world). God Bless!

    1. Mary Kay Inspires says:

      Thank you Mary Lou. I hope you read the post on my Grandma.

      I can’t believe your son and daughter live here! Email me privately and maybe I can connect with them!

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