Snuggle In Sweet Girl, Snuggle In

Just a few weeks ago, my sweet girl snuggled up close, her head resting in my lap as I my fingers gently danced across her back. We listed to soft music and enjoyed the quiet. Not even 15 minutes later, she was fast asleep.

Moments like this are few and far between with my active, lively 12-year-old. We’re always busy with sports, school and social engagements. So when the time comes to settle in and really appreciate the stillness of the moment, I soak it up.

She’s on the cusp of womanhood and I love the sweetness of these times. She’s mature enough to understand subtle jokes and make clever ones of her own, but still sweet and innocent enough to cherish quiet time, snuggled up.

She’s just a hair shorter than me and has already surpassed my shoe size. She loves to stand on her toes to “tower” over me. She still dons leggings, T-shirts and hoodies everyday, but loves the effect of her long, full, wavy tresses cascading down her back. She smiles slyly in her pretty dresses and fancy shoes, knowing she has made an impression when it’s a special occasion. All the while, I cherish the moments. She’s stunning inside and out and I am so blessed to be her mom.

I love to hear her laughter. I love her witty banter. I love to see her interact with her brother, and I love to have her snuggled up close. Yes, snuggle in sweet girl, snuggle in.

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