Monkey In the Middle

My girl moved up an age division in soccer this year, and the league expanded the age division to include one more year. In other words, my young, 12-year-old, 7th grader, is playing with 15-year-old, fully-grown freshman. This is concerning. My 82-pound girl is tough, taking on girls a full head taller and outweighing her by 50 pounds. So, that’s not the issue.

It’s the difference between a girl and a young woman. After the very first practice, she came home lamenting about her former team. “Mom, I miss my old team. I miss how sweet and innocent they were. These girls talk about boys, swear and say really inappropriate things.” Hmmm.

At the first game, they had some extra time and my girl yelled out, “Kate’s in the middle!” The older girls looked at her and with an incredulous tone said, “You want to play monkey in the middle?” My poor child was chagrined.

She’s going to grow up quickly enough. This new division is pushing her into a world she’s not ready for. It’s exposing her to things that she doesn’t want to hear or see. She just wants to play soccer, laugh and be silly. And, I’m so grateful for these few more sweet months before I no longer know anything and she doesn’t want to share these things with me.

Play monkey in the middle, honey. You have your whole life to be grown up and serious.

2 thoughts on “Monkey In the Middle

  1. Derek says:

    Sports and how they are divided into youth leagues have a huge impact on youth.making the varsity soccer team in 10th grade made me popular when I was a quiet nerd in all honors also introduced me to high school politics on a grand scale. Puttting 7th graders with the 9th graders doesn’t make sense. They should be middle school soccer 6,7,8 grade. Then high school. Very few freshman ever make varsity and few sophomores. I can see how this puts your daughter in an awkward position because she plays for the love of the pure game…not the being on the team as being part of a social group. We had 2 girls on the team. One on varsity. One on Jv. How weird and uncomfortable did they have to be ..being around the all the middle schools and high schools have all girl soccer teams..they didn’t when I was in high school. I asked the girl on varsity to prom my junior year and she said she didn’t want to go. She let me down easy..she didn’t go to prom at. All..just,e people join groups for different reasons and have different agendas. I hope your daughter weathers the storm. With you as her mom I know she will

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