I’ve had several “Aha!” moments lately. They came in unexpected ways and each gave me this unbelievable sense of wonder, excitement, contentment and gratitude.

Recently, I presented a couple of seminars on financial fitness to some women — not what you would think when reflecting on my “aha” moment. But, there’s one slide in the deck that talks about visualizing what you want in life. When I give presentations, I try to infuse the topic with anecdotes. I think they make it more relatable. Especially when talking about finances, right?

At one of the presentations, the women were struggling to make ends meet. I shared with them a little of my story. I’m a single mom with two children. I got out of a difficult situation. I lost my job last year. I was in a lot of debt from the custody hearing. It was overwhelming and difficult. It was real. That was one year ago. Fast forward to today. I got a new job. I sold my house. I paid off my debt. I also realized a dream of going to Tuscany. “AHA!” In telling my story, I was able to see just what I’ve accomplished. The women clapped for me, they nodded their heads, their eyes lit up and they yelled out, “You go girl!”


At the other presentation, I talked specifically about my vision board. Years ago, I had put a TED Talk logo and microphone on my board. I spoke at the Charlottesville TEDX talk a few years ago. I had a piggy bank, symbolizing paying off my debt. You know about that. I had a picture of Tuscany. You already know that, too. I bought a beautiful home that my children and I love. Oh, and I painted a picture of a couple sitting on bench by a pond watching the sunset. Guess what? I have a swing overlooking a pond in my backyard. I painted that picture long before I knew about this house. Now, all that’s missing is the life partner: )

Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of reflection to see what we have. These “aha” moments helped me to see all that I have, all that I’ve accomplished and just what each of us can do when we set our mind to something. It’s your turn, go get them!

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