I Am Strong

I recently wrote this blog for the owners of 9Round Kick Boxing Gym in Charlottesville

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

We love this quote for many reasons. Often, when people think about strength, they immediately go to power or muscular strength, but our new campaign is all about strength that goes beyond the physical. For the next three months, we’re celebrating our members and their strength with the “I am strong” campaign.

For example, take Mary Kay Campbell, 9Round Timberwood member since February 2016. “I became a single mom nearly 10 years ago. My children weren’t quite 3 and 6 when we moved out on our own. The marriage was very difficult and getting out took more strength and courage than I knew I possessed. It was one of the most difficult times in my life. This campaign resonates with me because it reminds of me where I was, what it took to get out and how far I’ve come. As a former athlete, I know I have some basic physical strength. Getting out of that situation proved that I have inner strength as well. I love that 9Round celebrates emotional and mental strength, along with physical strength. Being healthy goes far beyond the body. Your mind and spirit are equally important,” says Mary Kay.

Strength is defined in many ways. According to the dictionary, strong is an adjective meaning: 1. Having or marked by great physical or mental power, 2. Able to withstand great force or pressure, and 3. Possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success. Synonyms include: fierce, powerful, tenacious, and tough. When you think of strong, it should evoke more than thoughts of power, strength or hitting the gym. It goes far deeper. It’s about inner strength, tenacity, confidence and so much more. It’s about celebrating those who inspire us and those we want to encourage.

As we start this new month, think about what makes you strong. Have you endured a hardship and come out on the other side? Is there someone who has inspired you? Does your mom’s ability to make things better through thick and thin give you strength? Do you have a friend that needs to be reminded of how great she is? There is strength all around us and within us. Take time to honor and celebrate strength this month and the months that follow.

Whomever you find strong, we want to know. Share your stories. Post your pictures. Tag your loved ones. Inspire others. You are stronger than you think and now is your chance to celebrate it.

The “I am strong” campaign is all about you and inspiration, and that’s what makes 9Round so unique. “When we started this gym, we knew we wanted to impact others’ lives. Being physically healthy is obviously important and the core of 9Round, but it goes deeper than that. Ross and I love the philosophy of 9Round. It really takes a holistic approach and celebrates our members at every stage of their lives, from the teen athlete keeping in shape between seasons, to the retiree who wants to keep muscular strength. We know we can make a difference in our members’ lives,” says Sherie Flores, co-owner.

9Round is not a gym with sweaty, equipment hogs, although there are plenty of sweaty people all around. It’s about meeting you where you are, inspiring you to be your best and helping you reach those milestones together.

Be strong and celebrate your unique gifts. You are strong!

2 thoughts on “I Am Strong

  1. Derek says:

    Sounds like a gym I would love to join.. I used to love the gym but our bodies break down. One torn bicep spotting tumbling..the other torn bicep spotting a stunt and making a catch. I have caught so many falling flyers in my life..you wouldn’t believe some of the crazier stories I could tell you of all the spotting I did for 9 years working for UCA and UCF. Broke my back and had spinal fusion..I wish I could work out..now I hate the gym or the gym hates me..I am not sure

    1. Mary Kay Inspires says:

      I imagine you can find something that your body can handle. Water sports are easy on the body and good for your cardiovascular and overall health.

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