Renewal and Fresh Starts – a journal entry from the mountain

The wind is whipping my hair around, blowing my picnic lunch to the ground and pulling the blanket from my bare legs. The wind almost sounds like the ocean, roaring and then ceasing. When it dies down, the warm sun kisses my cheeks and melts the cold away. But then the wind turns sharply on me and I must take shelter from the cold in my cocoon of a car – top down, windows up.

It’s springtime in the mountains and life is budding out. A dogwood tree blooms with delicate pink flowers, swaying and bouncing in the wind. Yellow, orange, red and chartreuse buds are sitting patiently on the tips of their branches, waiting for Mother Nature to welcome them with rays of light.

Most of the trees are barren, but within a week or two there will be leaves and delicate flowers, butterflies and bees, cicadas and crickets. Spring awakens slowly, but magnificently. Each year, we get to be a part of this blessing if only we open our eyes to what’s around us.

Easter morning is less than 24 hours away and I am reminded of the renewal we as Christians celebrate. A new beginning. A new life. Christ died for us so that we may live. Before I was a parent, I couldn’t understand the sacrifice God made for us. Then I became a parent and the sacrifice became tangible. I would do anything for my children, including laying down my life. And that’s exactly what God did. He gave of Himself for us. As the sun rises on Carter Mountain tomorrow morning, I will celebrate in Jesus’s resurrection and bask in His love. I will celebrate the renewal and fresh start we all have in Him.

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