What’s In a Name?

When my son was a baby, his first word was “Mama.” Joy of joys! Isn’t that every parents’ dream, to hear their name on their child’s lips? As my son grew older, he wanted to say Mommy, but it came out Mimi. And it stuck. For a long time. Now that he’s a teenager, it’s just plain, old Mom. But that doesn’t stop me from signing everything Mimi. It doesn’t stop me from remembering that special name, truly unique to me. It doesn’t stop me from holding that name close to my heart. I know it is often associated with a grandma, but who cares? My son named me that and forever I will be Mimi.

We taught my daughter the same name and it stuck, although not as long. I’m just plain, old Mom to her now, too. But, Mom is a cherished name, as well. I will always be Mom and I love it.

Apparently, nicknames are common for my children. My grandma, their great grandma, was Gigi. Great Grandma was just too hard for my son to get out and Gigi was easy. She was Gigi until she died, just a few short months ago at the age of 95. I feel so blessed that my children knew their beloved Gigi. She was a remarkable woman.

And then there’s Yaya. My daughter couldn’t say her brother’s name and he became Yaya. Even now, at times, she’ll call out to her trusty big brother with that moniker.

When we chose our children’s names, we scoured name books. We wanted to be sure their names went well with their last name, but more importantly, had strong meanings. My son’s name means “Young warrior, Gracious gift from God.” My daughter’s means, “Woman of valor, Industrious and Strong.” They live up to those names and I love it.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Mary Kay means the following:

“Amazingly bright personality, and award winning smile. She is always game for a good time and the life of the party. A best friend to all and an enemy of none, she is the true ‘lean on me’ girl in the crowd. Not only does she have devastatingly gorgeous blue eyes, but she also sings as sweetly as old blue eyes (if he were a woman). Her Jersey Shore name is the Opportunity (Monday thru Friday) or the Rack (on the weekends). Her close friends know her as MK or Fay.”

Hmm, some of it is spot on, some, not so much! Lord, I hope I’m not known as “The Rack!” I do, however, often sign my emails, “MK,” but that’s because I’m lazy. I have blue eyes and a big smile. I’m pretty outgoing as well and you already know that I want to be the “lean on me” girl. So, maybe I do live up to the name.

Do you define your name or does it define you? It’s a chicken and egg kind of question. Who knows, regardless, it’s fun to think about. For now, I’ll stick with Mimi, Mom and MK.


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