All Roads Lead Here

Serendipity. Karma. God Moments. Whatever you call it, it’s real.

I recently attended a women’s chamber event. I’ve gone for many years and each year I get something different out of the event. I go into the day with the expectation that I’ll see old friends, make a few new ones and hear at least one nugget of valuable information that I can apply to my personal or professional life. Usually, I hear several nuggets that are worthy of retention.

This year proved to be exciting for a different reason. Yes, I saw many friends, met a few new ones and heard reminders about the importance of being authentic, true to yourself and meditative. Those would have been enough, but I got even more.

I was captivated by the keynote speaker, Molly Barker, Founder of Girls on the Run and more recently The Red Boot Coalition. She is delightfully funny, courageous and all about “Girl Power.” A woman after my own heart, except I’m not funny!

I laughed with the audience of 300+ and longed for the minutes to miraculously expand so we could hear more of her anecdotes. Twenty-five minutes simply wasn’t enough.

The day wound down and I happily packed up my exhibitor booth, lingering behind to speak with my daughter’s former art teacher. Women of all backgrounds and interests had filed into the atrium for the cocktail hour and I was packing it up to get home to my sick child, the one I’d left sniffling in bed at 7 that morning.

And that’s when I had a God Moment–one of those moments when God brings someone into your life at the right moment for the perfect reason. You never know when you’ll have a God moment, but you know it when it happens.

Molly stopped me and said I looked just like one of her best friends. Now normally, keynote speakers run off to another obligation, are whisked away by the organizers for dinner or simply sneak out after a few short conversations. Not Molly. I’m not sure why she had lingered and who she had talked to inside the ballroom, but she wasn’t flanked by organizers or committee members. She was by herself and had sought me out. Lucky me!

I told her how inspirational I thought she was and shared a little of my story. As we talked, I thought to myself, “I am incredibly impressed by this woman and how she has chased after her dreams.” I shared my lifelong dream of becoming a motivational speaker: inspiring other women and empowering them to realize their greatest potential. I told her about my slow progress into this world with my blog, Facebook and twitter accounts. I even pulled up my webpage, the one you are reading right now. The one still in progress. And that’s when it happened. That amazing God moment!

Molly gave me her card and asked ME TO EMAIL HER! She asked me to share my page with her when it was done. She told me she’d share my blog posts with her followers if she read something with which she connected, something that thousands would see! And in that moment God said again, “YES, this is what you are called to do, and I will not only equip you for this work, but also help pave the way!”

So the next time you have that breathtaking moment of serendipity, karma or, as I like to say, a God Moment, seize it. You never know where it will lead, who you will help or what you might accomplish. Thank you Molly for believing in a single mom who happens to look like your BFF. I’m so glad you stopped to say hello!



2 thoughts on “All Roads Lead Here

  1. Derek says:

    Wow Mary..that is really a special in a million chances and it happened. You deserve it all and more. I didn’t know you were moving on to motivational speaking until I started reading your blog.and I am going to read it.the whole thing. It seems perfect for you and I think being a former college cheerleader has to of helped. Your used to getting in front of a lot of I know the two things couldn’t be more different takes courage and strength to do what you do..what your trying to do.and to do what you will do. I am so proud and happy for you

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