Why now?

For years, I have been led to follow this path. Whether it’s the single mom who seeks me out and wants advice, or the college student who shares a secret so sacred that I’m the only one to know, I love to help others. I want to hear your story, to really listen, and to provide support.

A few years ago at a women’s retreat, the keynote speaker talked about following where you are led. She talked about those moments when you are hitting it on all cylinders and have found your bliss. She told us not to discount those moments. Not to discount our calling. She said that when we really feel like we are on fire — that is where we are led. That is our calling. She told us we were likely sitting there thinking that we couldn’t possibly share what sets us on fire because we felt it was silly or frivolous. I remember thinking to myself, “There is NO WAY I’m sharing what makes me feel alive. It’s really silly.”

You see, the three things that set me on fire are writing, public speaking and the one I couldn’t share, cheerleading. Seriously. What 40 something, single mom says cheerleading? Yes, many moons ago, cheerleading had been a major part of my life: 5th in the nation, college scholarship, captain of the varsity squad in college. Yes, it was important – 20 YEARS AGO! And yet, when she asked us when we felt alive, that was one of the three things that came into my mind instantly. As I sat there thinking abut what I could share that wouldn’t sound ridiculous, Gail, a woman in her 60’s patted my knee and said, “OK, Miss Cheerleader, what sets you on fire?” Yep, God made it pretty clear that inspiring others was what I need to do. And doing it in a very public, high energy way was a part of that.

Through my written and spoken word, I hope to inspire those around me. My dream: To be a motivational speaker who empowers others to find their inner voice, strength and courage to make the changes they need. To share my story through blogging, but also through images and someday, a book.

This was years ago. I’ve talked about it and shared this deep-seated desire with a few close friends. And when I talk about it, I come alive. I feel the energy coursing through my veins. I know my calling and I’m not only listening, I’m following.

There are parts of my past I can’t share yet. I will when the children are older and they are comfortable with me sharing. It’s their story too and I will honor their desires when they are old enough to make that decision. But, I will share the things that make me happy, challenge me and make me think. I will share great beauty and great sorrow. Here, I will share experiences that take my breath away and times when sitting and resting in the quiet is the only way to find peace.

So now, we’re off. No more excuses. It’s time for me to follow where I am led. Will you join me?

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